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      Forensic Audio Recovery

     Forensic Audio Restoration

          Michael L Vidale

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35 years professional audioWith over 40 years experience in the business of Audio Production and Audio Restoration, Michael Vidale has developed proprietary ,state-of-the-art, techniques to enable recovery of critical audio sequences from surveillance recordings and recording devices.

forensic audio reasons for poor audio source qualityThese recordings can be the result of poor recording techniques in often difficult circumstances of poor microphone positioning , background noise , electrical ,electromagnetic or mechanical interfence and so on.

discreet and confidential serviceUsing the latest digital sound processing tools and an array of professional studio equipment we are able to improve on the source audio achieveing improved results.

diverse range of source audioThis source media could include a range such
dictaphone tapes , cassette tapes , video tapes,
mp3 and wave files , dvd and cdr recordings.

police and law firms clientsProfessional and Confidential service. Clients include Federal and State Police Forces , Law Firms ,
Private Organisations and Individuals clients

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Audio setup The procedure includes Auditioning the source materials provided and making digital work copies .
( source media is always kept intact )

digital audio processing,knowledge-transferDigital processing of the material ,which may also involve verification of the source material ,is then carried out.

completed audio work file formatsFinished work is delivered in secured WAV or MP3 format.

audio transcription services availableTransciption of dialogue services are also available.

detailed final reports for court evidenceDetailed Final Reporting is available for Court Presentation.

knowledge-transfer formats converted files encryptedRecorded audio can be copied to different formats . File encryption available for secure formats .

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